Women's Flying Eyeball Tee

$12.50 $25.00

Let your wandering eye fly onto this rocking buy! The artwork is pulled straight from a vintage 1993 Lollapalooza tour poster designed by Jim Evans, aka T.A.Z. Check the full T.A.Z. Collection to see more garments and accessories.

Women's cut in a relaxed fit, true to size. 100% cotton.
Black and neon red printed on black/white tie-dye. Note that neon colors are not accurately represented in the photo.

About the Artist
The T.A.Z. collective is best known for rock posters, album covers, and ephemera done in the 1990’s. During that period, the three core members of the T.A.Z. collective — Jim Evans, Rolo Castillo, and Gibran Evans — did art for bands like U2, Oasis, Porno For Pyros, Green Day, Pearl Jam, The Beastie Boys, The Ramones, Rage Against The Machine, The Wu Tang Clan, Metallica, and Nine Inch Nails. T.A.Z. also did a number of high-profile album jackets for The Beastie Boys, Beck, Aerosmith, House of Pain, and Face To Face. In addition, T.A.Z. did the 1993, and 1994, Lollapalooza posters, and designed the site decorations and stage setting for Lollapalooza 1994.

Operating in a hierarchy-free creative environment, T.A.Z. is still working today, with an expanded creative line-up. The T.A.Z. collective has recently done work for bands like Pearl Jam and The Foo Fighters, as well posters for films like The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, SAW, The Green Inferno, and American Ultra.